Rapid test for L. monocytogenes for food, clean and unclean environmental samples.

New and innovative rapid test, for detection of pathogenic Listeria bacteria in product and production environment in the food industry

Fast results

After sampling and incubation for 24-48 hours, a color change from red to yellow will indicate a positive presence of the L. monocytogenes

Validation in progress

Sensilist is a method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of L. monocytogenes down to <0.2 cfu / g. Tested for food, clean and unclean environmental samples

Equipment and expertise

The tests can be performed by the factories themselves and the tests are performed without advanced equipment and highly skilled personnel.

Sensilist is a new and innovative technology that makes it possible to measure very small amounts of Listeria in food and the environment. The method is so sensitive that it gives food producers the opportunity to assess whether Listeria the quantity endangers food safety or not.


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