1. Report a complaint (by e-mail) to post@.
  2. Agree to return in writing (by e-mail) to post@
  3. Fill out the return form, this is attached to the return shipment
  4. Pack the item well before shipping. The item must be complete and fine, in undamaged original packaging, with all attachments intact.
  5. Make sure the recipient address is clear. When returning / exchanging, you pay the return postage yourself.
    Ved feil, eller ødelagt vare vil selger/ ordrekontor hos Sensilist sende deg en ferdig frankert returseddel.
  6. Make sure to track off the shipment
  7. As soon as the item is received in return with us, we will arrange for dispatch of replacement item / credit.

Download return form for companies here.


In order for the return to be carried out quickly, efficiently and correctly, we ask you to note the following:

  • Returns can only be made with the written consent of us, and at the buyer's risk and expense. Ours
  • All returns must be agreed in writing (by e-mail) with the seller / order office at Sensilist
  • Any complaint must be reported in writing (by e-mail) to the seller / order office at Sensilist, as soon as the item has been received, and no later than the next working day. See ours terms of sale for in-depth info.
  • Transport damage must be marked on receipt and registered by the driver.
  • The item must be sent back to Sensilist no later than 14 days after the reported complaint / agreed return (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the seller / order office).
  • You are responsible for safe return. Pack the item well and make sure to track.
    . The item must be complete and fine, in undamaged original packaging, with all attachments intact.
    The item must be properly packed for transport, packaged so that the original packaging is well protected and remains intact, fine and undamaged.
  • Return form must always be sent with the item in return. Customer, order number, reason for return, etc. must be filled in.
  • Items returned without a completed return form will not be accepted.
  • NB! Upon receipt of returns due to uncollected packages, we reserve the right to charge you for the costs, ie return and handling costs, as well as accrued interest and fees on invoices.
  • Repair / dispatch of replacement goods / crediting will only be carried out when the goods have been received and checked with us.

Return costs

  • When returning goods that are not due to a complaint or error on the part of Sensilist AS, shipping costs and insurance are covered by you as the buyer.
  • In the event of return due to transport damage, incorrect picking, shelf life deviation, or errors / defects in the item, the seller / order office at Sensilist will send you a pre-stamped return note.
  • Agreed returns, which are not due to a valid complaint, are generally credited with a share of the contract sum less any return costs where lost gross profit and costs incurred after checking invoice are taken into account, a maximum of 70% of the sale price.

Returns are not accepted if:

  • The item returned is missing return form
  • The item has been damaged by the customer or during return transport
  • The product is specially ordered

Download return form for companies here.