Listeria bacteria are feared because they can cause severe food poisoning when the amount becomes too high.

Sensilist is a new and innovative technology that makes it possible to measure very small amounts of Listeria in food and the environment. The method is so sensitive that it gives food producers the opportunity to assess whether Listeria the quantity endangers food safety or not.

Metoden kan bidra til økt bærekraft ved at en større andel av maten kan brukes samtidig som mattryggheten ivaretas.

Less food waste, safer food!

Listeria a major problem

Listeria er et stort problem for næringen.  I tillegg er det veldig spesielle retningslinjer for Listeria in food. A limit value is set at the end of the storage period, while the analyzes are usually done by the manufacturer. Listeria grows in many food products during cold storage and this means that the limit value, before the food is sent to the market, must be significantly lower than the limit value at the end.

Sensilist broth

Sensilist is a method for qualitative and kvantitativ analysis of Listeria monocytogenes all the way down to <1 cfu/g in food, process water and environmental samples. The tests can be performed by the factories themselves and the tests are performed without advanced equipment and highly skilled personnel.

Presumptive positive L. monocytogenes available after 24-48h. 

The test contains a liquid broth consisting of selective compounds, growth promoters, and color-changing components, specific for the growth of pathogens Listeria bakterier. Sensilist broth differensierer sykdomsfremkallende L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii, from others occurring Listeria-species in 24-48 hours.

Only one broth (Sensilist Broth) and one petri dish are needed per sample.

Counting both Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp. can be done after 24 hours incubation on dish.

You only need: swab - mix with broth - incubate - read by color

Key features - benefits

  • Easy and fast to use and read
  • Results in 24-48 hours
  • Low detection limit
    • Qualitative test: detected / not detected / 25g, <0.04 / g
    • Kvantitativ test: resultater ned til <1 cfu/g
  • Color-changing test that is easy to interpret
  • You only need one broth, and one selective agarplate per sample - saving money and labor.
  • Inkuberes på 37°C ± 1°
  • Do not need professionals to perform the tests
  • Tested on meat, fish and environmental samples (both clean and unclean surfaces).
  • 12 months shelf life when stored at 2-8 ° C

Method has been tested by Campden BRI and is under validation at NordVal

Sensilist is being tested at Campden BRi for validation at NordVal in accordance with ISO 16140, as an alternative to ISO 11290 / NMKL 136.


The method has been patented and so far a patent has been granted in Norway. The application has been continued through PCT and is being applied for through the European Patent Organization (EPO) and in the USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, India, China, Australia, Singapore and South Africa.


  • Broth, 3L
  • Label for easy identification of the result
  • MPN table for quantitative method
  • Instructions for use

Instructions for use

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